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Schedule of upcoming calls

 Here’s the schedule of upcoming calls for our
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 APRIL 2017

Saturday, April 1, 8:00 am

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Monday, April 23, 5:00 pm

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So you say you have money worries…

I hear it all the time – from women and men of all ages and all income levels. What’s Bugging You? Maybe you don’t have enough income to pay your bills each month. Or you want to send your kids to college, or buy nice things for the people you love. Do you feel anxious because you have too much debt?


Maybe you have plenty of money, but you have relationship issues around money? Are you stressed about your money – worrying if there is enough to last and provide you with security? Are you creating a legacy with your money, or are you too frightened to take that step? Do you lose sleep worrying about money?


If you resonate with any of those, I’ve got something for you. Read on…


Screenshot 2016-04-22 11.08.58How would you like to:

  • Create more income and feel peaceful and free?
  • Actually get out of debt?
  • Manage your money so that it works for you?
  • Not work so hard?
  • Begin to create your legacy?


Have you ever taken one of those courses with a name like “How to make a million dollars in real estate?” or “Create your 6-figure business without ever leaving home,” or “How to be as rich as Richard Branson”? And did the course work for you? Not likely, if you’re reading this. Did you ever wonder why these courses seem to work for others, but not for you? Why you can’t seem to implement the steps that they teach you? Or even if you do implement the steps, the money just doesn’t come to you? Or you stop before you get to success?


I used to wonder about that kind of thing all the time. Why can’t I have what I want? Why can’t I seem to do what it seems like everyone else is doing? Why can’t I generate more income? Why do I have to work so hard? Why doesn’t “The Secret” work for me?


And then I discovered the answer to these questions.  It’s NOT your fault (or mine)! You’re not to blame! In fact, no one is to blame! And there IS something you can do about it!


I discovered why I wasn’t getting what I said I wanted, and why others weren’t getting what they wanted, and I also discovered what to do about it – and what you can do about it too! I’ve created an amazing reality for myself using these techniques, and I so want to teach you about this!


Money is like Tofu…

Tofu is a soy curd product that takes on the flavors of the foods you cook it with.  Tofu doesn’t taste like garlic or curry, but it takes on those flavors when cooked with them. Money isn’t evil or good, but it can be used for evil or good. Money doesn’t cause people to be evil or good, but magnifies people’s internal belief systems. Your money takes on the flavor (the energy) of your beliefs.


Think about this: If you step into an organization where there is a sales staff, there are always going to be one or two “star” salespeople. Lots of people in the same organization, selling the same things, but getting different results.


If you were to follow the star sellers around, and do what they do, you still would not generate the sales they generate. This is because you have a different belief system about money than they do.


You see, our beliefs create our reality. Our beliefs about money and self-worth and what’s possible for us, create our money reality. But most of us don’t really know what our money beliefs are because our beliefs are mostly subconscious. Our beliefs are hidden behind fears and stories and experiences that seem to prove that what we believe is true. It’s not your fault, you’re not to blame!


In other words, if you believe that “I can’t earn that much money (however much “that much” is),” you will likely create situations in your life to prove that belief. You will likely shun opportunities to earn “that much” money. Or you will simply see only limitations, and not allow yourself to think bigger.


This may happen consciously, but most likely it will happen unconsciously. You may not even notice when an opportunity appears that would bring you more income. You may say to yourself “that’s not for me,” or “I can’t take that opportunity,” or you may not even notice the opportunity to earn more money because the belief that “I can’t earn that much money” is so ingrained in you that it’s clouding your perspective.


But you can earn “that much” money.

You can have what you want.

You do create your reality.

Register here.



So if what’s showing up for you (or not showing up) isn’t what you say you really want, you have an inner conflict going on. And this course will help you begin to resolve the inner conflict. So that you will be wholly on board with what you say you want. Not subconsciously sabotaging yourself.  


Just today, someone was telling me how frustrated he is at his current job. And he feels there is just no way for him to do something else and earn as much as he’s currently earning. I know this person in an unrelated setting – not my office. So he doesn’t know anything about tapping. As we chatted and I suggested that perhaps there is something out there that he hasn’t imagined yet – an opportunity to earn even more than he’s earning now, without the frustration he’s currently experiencing, he simply stated “it’s not possible,” and “it’s so hard,” over and over. If this person were my client (which he’s not), we would have been tapping on those beliefs and those phrases he keeps using, and all the emotions that have him hooked to the “stories” he’s telling.


And I would assure him that when the beliefs have shifted, so would his money and work reality. But he’s not my client, so he went on his not-so-merry way, unwilling to see a new reality. Don’t let that be you!


There is a lot of emotion attached to our beliefs, so our beliefs seem real. They seem solid, as if they are physically present within us. But beliefs are just thoughts with emotions attached to them.


Beliefs aren’t solid. You don’t have to keep the beliefs that aren’t helping you (even if everyone else you know is keeping those same beliefs). You won’t fall apart or disappear if you release an old belief. In fact, when these old, heavy beliefs are released, my clients always report feeling lighter, more hopeful, and free! And the changes in their lives are immediate and profound.


When I started learning Tapping – about 7 years ago – things really began to shift for me. And I began to better understand the invisible blocks that kept me from getting what I said I wanted. These same invisible blocks keep most of us from getting what we say we want!


And then I began to clear those blocks in myself and in my clients – using tapping. I became a specialist in “Limiting Beliefs.” I help my clients identify their limiting beliefs – how they got them, how they’re attached to them, how those beliefs actually helped them in the past.


And then I help my clients discover how those beliefs are no longer serving them at all. And in fact, the limiting beliefs are doing just that – limiting them. Of course, we’re tapping through all this. And unhooking the beliefs and the stories. I help them release those beliefs, once and for all. It doesn’t hurt. My clients don’t disappear or fall off the planet. People still recognize them.


In fact, they are often “more seen” after these sessions. They do usually look different – their facial features relax, and they appear younger and more hopeful and happy. And they often have a new sense of inner strength that they hadn’t felt before. And they always report that their reality shifts immediately. In a positive way. Often their money situation shifts very shortly thereafter.


How would you like to begin to shift your money reality? How would you like to clear your blocks to earning more money? How would you like to find a way to get out of debt that seems almost “magic?”

You know there’s tapping involved! And you probably know by now that you can’t really do this on your own, because your own beliefs are going to do everything to keep you stuck.


What if you and I could work together to begin to clear your money blocks? What if I could help you identify and release one or more of your limiting beliefs around money and your self-worth? What would it be worth to you to find a way out of debt that feels creative and hopeful?


You may be thinking that you can’t afford to spend the money to work with me privately. And so, with my colleague, Claire Sierra, we’ve created the 4-week “Sexy Money Breakthrough” course as a follow up to our “Revitalize & Rejuvenate Retreat,” to help you discover and clear some of your money blocks in short order. Claire specializes in helping women discover their Divine Feminine energy, so that they can step totally into who they are. And that includes making the money they want and deserve!

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But this course isn’t just for women. Men can benefit from a connection with the Divine Feminine, just as women have been benefitting from the Divine Masculine all these years. We are, after all, a wonderful blend of both feminine and masculine energies – no matter what our body parts say we are. And everyone will benefit from the powerful tapping we do, as well as the exercises and the meditations.


For a very reasonable cost, you can begin to clear your limitations and see potential and possibilities that you’ve never noticed before. You can begin to attract new situations, more money, and better relationships into your life.


But this 4-week course isn’t for everyone. In fact, you may not even want  to make any changes in your life. If that’s the case, we understand – now isn’t the time for you.


However, if you DO want to make the changes in your life that you say you do, and you do want to have more money and less debt in your life, and if you do want to heal the relationships in your life that are hinging on money, then this is the course for you!


If you’re like me, you may have scrolled down to the bottom of this page to find out just how much this course costs. Well, we’re offering it at an unbelievable $147 for the 4 weeks. But keep scrolling for an even better deal!



This course consists of 4 weekly classes online beginning May 2 at 5:30 pm Pacific Time, and the following 3 Mondays in May at 5:30 pm Pacific Time. That’s May 2, 9, 16 & 23, at 5:30 pm Pacific Time. You don’t even need to leave your living room to attend! You will see and hear Claire and I, but you will maintain complete privacy, unless you want to ask a question during the Q&A period. And even then, you can type in your questions or we can unmute you so you can ask them out loud – your choice.


Each class session will be audio-recorded, and you will receive the recording so that you can listen again, or if you can’t be live on the call. These will be 4 packed sessions – with exercises, tapping, and more, to get you unstuck and on your way to creating the reality you really want. We’ll even help you clarify what you want, because most people don’t really know!


We are so excited to be offering this course, and we really want you to be there. So if you register by Friday, April 29, you pay only $127! And if that still feels like too much for you right now, we can break that into two monthly payments of $69 each! (total $138).


But that’s not all! Claire and I want to be sure you get way more value from this program than your $127 worth! So we’re adding these 4 BONUSES:

BONUS #1: An additional one-hour call with Claire and Helen – to ask any questions that you’ve encountered, or to request additional tapping or coaching. This call will be scheduled and announced during the program, and held sometime soon. This call will also be recorded, and if you can’t make it live, you can email in your questions or requests for tapping.

BONUS #2: An audio recorded money meditation – delivered to your in inbox each Tuesday of the program – for you to listen to every day of that week – and on into the future as you desire.

BONUS #3: A special discount code for you to use for a future program, product, or coaching package purchase with Helen or Claire.

BONUS #4: A pdf, downloadable workbook for you to print out and follow along. Each week, after the class and before the next class, we’ll update your workbook with that week’s topic, insights, exercises and tapping.


I want to tell you something really important: Money itself isn’t your problem. Money is merely an energy exchange. And the energy of money reflects our own energy. Energy? Money? What? Yes, money has a neutral energetic frequency that is able to tune to our personal energy frequency. And our personal energy frequency is created from our own beliefs (about money and self-worth and love and so forth), our emotions, and our thoughts (both conscious and unconscious).  Money magnifies our own inner beliefs, so money is a fantastic way to get to the root of a whole lot of problems and clear them. In this program, we will be using money as a magnifier. And we will help you begin to get clear on what you want, and what you don’t want. We’ll help you begin to see ways to make the changes in your thinking and beliefs that you need to make in order to create your new reality. You will notice some big and small shifts as you go through this program.


Let Claire and I help you begin to get clarity and healing around your money limitations! This will affect every area of your life in a positive way! Click here to register today! The special pricing ends on Friday!

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Ask and it will be Given

Do you realize how powerful your mind is? No, I don’t think any of us really knows the power we can tap into. I want you to try something for me, will you? Do you want to release a few pounds – or more than a few?


I’ve been doing this little experiment that was inspired by Gary Craig (the founder of EFT) himself. He did this before he developed Tapping, and he got great results. Think what it might be like to add Tapping! You see, Gary was overweight by about 30 pounds. And no wonder – he ate a bag of Oreos every night! He knew that he “shouldn’t” eat the Oreos, and he also knew that willpower wasn’t going to do the trick. So he started telling himself “My body’s normal and natural weight is 180 pounds.” He told this to himself throughout the day every day. He continued to buy and eat his daily bag of Oreos, and he continued to gently affirm his 180 pound weight. One day he realized that he had gone to the stsalad-374173_1920ore, but forgotten to buy the cookies. I mean, just forgot. his weight started to drop off. His weight went down and up and down. Then it just started going down – until he got to 180, where it stayed. His oreo habit (addiction) left him. He was able to keep his weight down from then on (and that was over 30 years ago). You see, our mind is like the conductor of our life. If we give it the right instructions, our mind will make it happen. Even if we give it the “wrong” instructions, the conductor will follow orders.


Willpower is NOT what’s driving the train of your life. Your subconscious mind is! So join me as I give my mind some powerful instructions for body weight and function. And adapt them to your situation. Add some tapping while you do this, do it many times a day every day, and I bet you’ll see amazing results. My mantra/Tapping goes something like this: “My body easily maintains a lean, sexy, strong weight of ____ pounds. My skin is nourished and healthy, elastic and vibrant, youthful and clear.”
You can tell your body anything you want. Be sure to put it in as positive language as possible. And tap it in throughout every day. Don’t try, don’t exert willpower. Just let it happen. And notice what your body begins to crave. You might find yourself out for a daily walk, or desiring broccoli, drinking lots of water, smiling more. Try it! And let me know the results.

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Do You Know How POWERFUL You Are?

You are way more powerful than you know! You have the power to heal all of Humanity.

We’re launching our Online Global Healing Community – with our first ever healing event on Thursday, January 21. For some of you, that’s today! It’s free, it’s 30 minutes, it’s once a month, and we WILL make a difference. Join us by registering here. And you are SO powerful, that even if you can’t make the live call, and you listen to the recording (which will be sent to you if you register), you will have a powerful impact. It’s all explained during this 30-minute event.



So if you can heal humanity, you definitely have the power to create your own reality.

“What?!? If I could create my reality, it would be way different than it is now!”


Well, you DO have the power, and I want to help you discover and harness it. Your reality is based on your thoughts and emotions and beliefs. 

So if you don’t like what’s happening in your reality (and I can assure you it’s different than anyone else’s reality), and if you want to change it, you can. You can create a new reality for yourself. I know, because I’ve done it thousands of times. I haven’t always been conscious of doing it, but often I have been.


You can’t force the changes you desire. OK, you could force the changes, but you won’t be happy with the results, they will negatively impact others, and they aren’t likely to last. There’s an easier way.


Here are 3 things you can do now to begin to shift your reality:


  1. Shift your thinking. Notice what you’re thinking about, and ask yourself these questions: a) Are these thoughts serving me? b) Do these thoughts make me feel good? c) Do these thoughts align with my deepest essence? If any the answer to any one of these is “no,” it’s time to consciously shift your thinking.

For example: I stop and notice that I’m thinking about how awful the traffic is. a) are these thoughts serving me? No.; b) No; and c) No. Better shift my thinking. I’ll start thinking about that trip to Mexico in April. Now the answers to the questions are a) yes; b) yes!; and c) yes.

I can already hear some people saying, “But I have to think about that meeting that’s coming up with the big client next week!” Yes, you do. But you don’t have to think about it all the time – set aside dedicated time to productively think about it. And if it makes you feel bad to think about it, ask yourself why? and shift your perspective about that.


     2) Become aware of your feelings. Your feelings are the easiest way to know what you’re thinking at the conscious and subconscious levels. If you’re feeling “bad,” or “anxious,” or “stressed,” know that your combined thoughts are giving you this response. And when we feel “bad,” bad feeling experiences are immediately attracted to us. So you’ve got to “tame your wild mind” and move to a higher vibration, a better feeling place. You can do this with your thoughts.

Subconscious thinking is usually patterned and repetitive, and is often very negative, based on past events – mostly from childhood. “Oh my god!” you’re saying. “How can I monitor my subconscious thoughts? How can I change them?” Tapping is the most effective way I know to change old subconscious programmed thinking. In my experience, Tapping gives us the ability to align our conscious and subconscious minds, as well as our body, spirit, and soul – for a direct communication to all parts of us.


3)  Use your imagination! Often. Let your mind wander; daydream; fantasize. Visualize and feel the way you want to feel. Do it now – even if you don’t have what you want. And then notice how new things start to come into your reality – people, experiences, and things that feel like what you’ve been imagining. They may not look like what you imagined, but they will feel like your feelings as you imagined. This, in essence, is the power of the Law of Attraction. Like attracts like. It’s not what you ask for as much as it is what you feel for.

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Let’s Get This New Year Started!

I love the newness of January! It seems so hopeful. A time to sort of “wipe the slate clean,” and begin again. But in past years I found myself chugging into the new year, and feeling “behind” right from the get-go. Now I like to get some momentum going in November and December, and I even do business during the holidays – when many other people take time off. For me there’s none of that sluggishness in January.

Here’s a New Year’s Tapping Script to get you going:

Breathe in deeply – down to your belly, and to your toes, and to the top of your head. Do this 3 times before you begin this tapping. Notice what comes up for you as you tap. Stop and write down any thoughts or images, then continue tapping. When you’re done, you may well have some clarity about how you’re going to accomplish your 2016 goals and intentions.

(Tapping on the Karate Chop:)

-ET (Even though) I’m off to a slow start to the new year, ID&CL&AM

-ET I’m moving kinda slow, ID&CL&AM, and I know this year is going to be fantastic

-ET I’m starting off slow, ID&CL&AM, and I’m learning to Do Less and Accomplish More

(Tapping around the points – say one phrase at each point, starting at the Top of the Head)

-It’s a new year

-I’m moving kinda slow

-There’s so much I want to accomplish this year

-I’d better get going!

-But I don’t want to be crazy busy

-That’s not the life I want

-I want to accomplish a lot

-But I don’t want to be so busy I can’t enjoy my life


-What if this slow start is good

-What if I can just BE for a bit

-Listen to my higher self

-Discover the next best steps for me

-Take action that is INSPIRED

-Less action that accomplishes more

Do Less, Accomplish More

-I didn’t think that was possible


-But now I’m seeing that it might be possible

-Do less, accomplish more

-I can stop running around so much

-And just BE

-So I can hear the guidance of my intuition, my Higher Self

-Wow! I wonder what kind of year I can have now?

-Doing Less, and Accomplishing More

-2016 IS going to be a wonderful year


Now take another deep, cleansing breath – feeling your breath go all through your body and down to your toes. Take another breath, and feel it go all through your body and up to the top of your head.

Sit for a moment with your eyes closed, and ask your Higher Self to show you the one action you can take right now to make some forward momentum. Then go do it!


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This Holiday Season, Become Your Own Best Friend!

christmas-316448_1280This time of year, most people have very full calendars, they run around crazy, they overindulge in food, drink and spending, and they really don’t enjoy the moments. Then at the end of December, society (at least in the US) has a collective hangover. If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, nature will tell you that this time of year is about slowing down, taking a break, warming your insides with homemade broth. It’s a time to sleep more and meditate more and DO less. So if you’re running around, you’re really pushing against everything Natural. Can you feel it?

So take a break. Give the gift of Love. Love others more. Love yourself more. Send Love out into the ether – to all those who are suffering. Not just suffering because they are victims, but because they have victimized others. Love is healing. Love doesn’t cost anything or take any additional time.

If you’re feeling lonely this season, you’re not alone! But consider these words, penned by a very wise young woman I know. Her name is Lillian Weber. She writes a blog and often people comment with questions, so Lillian becomes kind of a “wisdom/advice columnist.” One of her readers wrote in, telling of a broken heart and her loneliness. Lillian’s words to her were profound. Here’s an excerpt:

…But you aren’t alone. You have your family, and you have your friends, and you have the internet. Most importantly, you also have you, and I gotta tell you that being your own best friend is this weird, lonely, kind of awesome thing. Like I don’t quite know how to describe it except that I feel fond of myself in the same way I feel fond of my best friends, like I like what I have to say and I think I’m funny and I love my outfits and I want to talk to myself about my day and see what I have to say about it. And I think that’s something that when you’re first alone (not alone) feels like a thing you HAVE to do–become best friends with yourself. But the further you get in, the more it feels like a thing you GET to do.”

Can you imagine a world where everyone loves themselves and enjoys themselves and is their own BFF? It doesn’t mean we can’t have other BFFs. But we’d be a whole lot happier to begin with, and so we’d be much better friends to others. Begin to love yourself. Tap on your resistance to loving yourself. This is the most important tapping you will ever do!

Take a moment, right now and go look in the mirror. Look yourself right in the eyes, and say “Hi! It’s really good to see you!” Smile at yourself, and notice how beautiful your eyes are. You may find this very emotional. That’s a good thing. Learn to love yourself! Acknowledge and appreciate yourself. Encourage yourself by saying things like, “I know you’re doing the best that you can.” Learn to become your own Best Friend.

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To Ride a Bike…

One of my goals and dreams is to teach adult women to ride a bike. Not everyone learns to ride as a kid, and here in Portland it’s pretty much bike-central. So I’ve begun to teach adult women to ride, and then to go on and obtain a bike of their own.

It usually takes two sessions to learn to ride – for women who have never been on a bike. The first session is spent just getting used to the bike, and balancing. SkuutI take the pedals off a bike that is a suitable size, and let the woman sit on the seat and push the bike with her feet. It’s like an adult version of a “Skuut,” which is a balance bike for toddlers. We do this “Skuuting” in a vacant parking lot, around an empty track, or on a Bike Boulevard (a city street that is dedicated to cycling, so has very few cars).

At the second session, we adjust the seat a bit higher, and get the woman on a bike with pedals. Finding the right size bike is imperative – so that she can feel confident. It usually takes only a few tries to get her riding.

Recently, I taught a 39-year-old woman to ride. After pedaling the length of a very long parking lot for the first time, she was in tears. That’s how joyful it is!

I also want to be sure that each woman can have a bike of her own. If she can afford to buy a new bike, I direct her to a local bike shop that is woman-owned, where she can feel comfortable and not be intimidated by all the choices. If she can’t afford a new bike, we work with The Community Cycling Center, where she can purchase a good used bike for a very reasonable price. And of course, we make sure she wears a helmet!