I just realized my body is pain-free for the first time in years! This is remarkable! ~S.P.


“The results were pretty astounding. I felt unbelievably calm and tranquil. The anxiety I’ve lived with for years and years is virtually gone…This was the next day – It was a crazy busy day at work and I was completely devoid of that sinking-in-the-gut tightening semi-panic that I’ve lived with for so many years.

I just felt so
grounded and calm. It was amazing. My energy level has increased dramatically because I’m not being so drained by anxiety.” ~Laura D., Portland

From a Meetup participant:

This is what has most struck me from the Tapping meeting: “That I really experienced consciously that I actually resist what sets me free, so that I can remain imprisoned as the limited self I think I am. That’s what struck me as so silly and made me laugh, at least for that little while when it became so clear in that group. This has become more clear now in my life in general.”


“A therapist could not have given me what you have.  If others are open to receiving the gifts you have to offer they will go beyond their dreams of peace and harmony in life.” ~Chris Stine, owner of Chris’s Convenient Dry Cleaning

Thank you!
“Before tapping with Helen I felt physically, mentally and emotionally broken. Feelings of hopelessness were setting in and I needed to get my power back. In the past I attempted to tap on my own with the help of YouTube videos but struggled with results. Seeing a professional was a completely different experience as it was personalized and evolving. Helen is an amazing EFT practitioner and empath who was able to clear my trauma faster than any other modality I’ve used. Every aspect of my life has changed for the better and I have had more growth than I even thought possible. Helen provided me with the tools to get my power back and manifest the life of my dreams. ~Bree (Portland, OR)


After a presentation at the 2016 Northwest Tappers Gathering, Helen received this feedback:

inspirational. She’s a delightful speaker and very down-to-Earth!”


Additional Testimonials:

“I’m moving forward and growing personally and professionally because Helen understands how to get to the bottom of core emotions and issues. She’s amazing!~Kristin B., Georgia


“I was so thrilled to have my nearly life-long panic attacks stop thanks to both of us working together. Never thought it would happen. I’m still free of them, haven’t had to take a pill since our last session. YAY!!!”~Nancy P., California


“I can’t thank you enough for your Tapping presentation. It was invaluable! ~RG Portland, OR


“Nobody ever really teaches us how to deal with trauma or bad emotions/memories. Helen changed my life in the first session!  I now have the tools needed to deal with whatever life throws at me, including physical symptoms like migraines. EFT works!” ~Audrey I.  Grants Pass, OR