Symptoms List


From my very first experience with Tapping, I felt the power of it to “bring me back to wholeness”. And I want to share that with you!

Tapping can be used for everything. You might be wondering what “everything” really means.
Below is a list of some of the symptoms I’ve successfully used Tapping to relieve – for me and for my clients. If there is a hyperlink, you can find more information about that topic by clicking. This page is always under construction, so check back often!
-Traumatic memories
-Old emotions that keep recurring
-Limiting beliefs
-Fears & phobias (flying, heights, speaking in public, spiders, snakes, and all other manner of fears and                  phobias)
-Chronic Pain
-Relationship issues
-Erectile Dysfunction
-Other sexual issues
-Feeling depressed/suicidal thoughts
-Sleep problems of all sorts
-Finding your dream job
-Meeting your love partner
-Attracting abundance
-Healing money wounds
-Shame & guilt issues
-Improving relationships with teens and children
Clearing Clutter of all kinds (stuff clutter, emotional clutter, mental clutter)
-Improve your spiritual connection
-Improve your meditation practice
-Improve your intuition
-Finding lost items
-Completing grief
-Healing illnesses and disease
Youthing (that’s the opposite of aging!)
-Weight Loss & Body Image
-Clear writer’s block
-End procrastination & self-sabotage
-Improve Creativity
-Making decisions
Healing the planet
Healing Humanity
-Pets (their stress, anxiety, behavior problems and more)

And here are some things that are less well-known that Tapping is excellent for:
-Healing injuries
-Rewiring your neurons
-Attaining enlightenment
-Experiencing “alternate universes”