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What's Bugging You? 
Let's Fix it with Tapping!
I know you want to feel better - that's why you're here. 
You want to make changes in your life. 
You want to fix what's not currently working for you. 
You don't need to be fixed, but what's bugging you does.
Maybe you've heard about how amazing Tapping is, 
and you're curious. 
Something's calling you to expand, grow and change. 
You know there's more of you to be discovered.
Your relationships aren't what you'd like them to be.
I know, I've been there too. 
And I want to coach you to unleash the greatest
version of you! 
Not someone else's idea of who you should be, 
but the true authentic amazing you!

I work with only a few clients - people who are committed to the work of healing and changing. I develop a personalized program for each person I work with. From the first time we meet - whether by video call, phone, or in person - you'll begin to feel better. 

Feeling better is great. But feeling great is better. So I offer programs that last 3 months, 6 months, 1 year or longer. Because it takes time and devotion, from both you and me, to get you from where you are now to where you really want to be - to unleash the greatest version of you!

Watch the video above for more details. Contact me: Helen@PurposeProsperityHappiness.com. Or schedule an appointment for a complimentary 20-minute conversation about how I can support you!

With my guidance and tool box of techniques, you will find that:
  • Suddenly the voices in your head have quieted, and they are supportive of you and your dreams
  • Stress and anxious feelings leave you
  • You're no longer bogged down by procrastination and self-sabotaging behavior
  • You sleep restfully and awaken feeling excited and curious about the day
  • Your mind is clear
  • You embody courage, creativity, and confidence
  • You're able to tap into personal energy that you didn't even know you had!
  • You are creating enriching relationships with the people in your life.
  • You feel alive, vibrant, joyful - no matter your age!
  • You are accomplishing your goals and you feel successful (and YOU get to decide what success means!)

I use Tapping, NLP, meditation, Energy Profiling, practical self-inquiry, visualization, and other methods to help you clear emotional blocks, limiting beliefs and negative self-talk, discover your true life purpose, and become the best possible version of you! I take a unique approach to guiding my clients to healing and wholeness so that you can live a balanced, authentic life that focuses on:
-Exceptional self-care and self-expression;
-Creating mutually-enriching connections with others;
-Healing of past traumatic events;
-Creating new, powerful thought patterns;
-Activating your purposeful contribution to your community, and your legacy to Humanity. This may be a global dream, or much closer to home. Whatever is authentic to you.
You will be amazed at the results!

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Helen McConnell is a Coach, Speaker, author, teacher, radio host, and EFT Practitioner, and the founder of PurposeProsperityHappiness.com.

“Know who you are, be who you are – in everything you do!”